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4 Small Things you can do NOW to help “Future You!”

Updated: May 24

by EPIC Interns | Feb 25, 2019 | EPIC Entrepreneurs, Inspirational

Self-Improvement is a guided ultra-marathon which requires constant steady motion with the occasional water-break and recharge. It is multi-faceted with different obstacles, not much different from some of the more difficult trails that decorate our beloved Shawangunk Mountain range. But just like any trail, it all begins with taking small steps and integrating NEW GOOD HABITS into the life you have right now.

Current best-selling author, James Clear, of Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, is a leading expert on habit formation and reformation. Clear’s book gave me a great piece of advice when it came to how I am helping myself create a better me. One’s environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior. Creating a positive environment offers great potential to help “Future You.”

So how do we incorporate small changes every day and gather enough positive energy to not only help ourselves, but also our environment?

It’s not as daunting as it might sound. It’s actually very doable. 

4 Small Changes you can enact NOW to help

“Future You”:

1.  Guided Meditations 

TheHonestGuys, or contact Sharon Rosen, one of our EPIC Members, who owns local business, Heart of Self-Care or Michael LaFemina of Golden Light Acupuncture, PC

2.  Journaling 

3.  Make time for creativity

If you find that you are struggling with managing your To-Do lists, or you can’t figure out where or when creativity could POSSIBLY fit in with your busy schedule, consider learning “Effective Strategy Blueprints” at our March 12th Brainery Event with Julie and Nicole! A little Creative Planning goes a long way by completely reinvigorating stale To-Do lists and encourage action.

4.  Socializing with Strangers

Whether you’re looking for accountability, business tips, community, or a creative outlet, we’ve likely got something in store for you. We hope to see you around sometime soon 😉

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