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A Cure to the Entrepreneur Syndrome of 'Screaming into your Pillow'

Updated: Apr 23

Here we will share our stories, and some of yours. We will be real, honest, hopefully inspiring, and give you some epic food for thought!

Blog - A Cure to the Entrepreneur Syndrome of 'Screaming into your Pillow'

by Nicole Langlois

Remember how excited you were at the prospect of starting your business.....your pie in the sky dream?

You couldn’t wait to tell your friends and family what you were doing. 

You felt like you were on top of a mountain.

The ideas were flying out of your ass so fast you couldn’t keep up and it felt like unicorns could poop rainbows.

But maybe now... 

You’re thinking you’re just freaking crazy for wanting it all.

When your head hits the pillow - Doubts creep in.

 You don't know what to do first.

There are so many things you need to do, but you're afraid to ask for help and you don't know where to start. 

You just want to burry your head in your pillow and SCREAM.


You might not be able to see the forest through the trees right now, but with the right tools, some support and guidance, and the willingness to do the work, anything is possible.

You just need a major reset....and then a plan.

This is a necessary step in a really pivotal time.



Take some time to rest your monkey brain and let yourself remember....

Remember what it felt like in the beginning...

what your big dream was...

what got you excited....

and why and what you were so passionate about.


Reconnect to yourself, to what it is that is truly important,

This takes some deep self discovery. And REFLECTION.

Understand that things may have shifted...

we all change and life is always reshaping who we are and what we want.

Be open. Listen to your inner voice. Trust yourself.

RESET and Regroup

Find a way to ground yourself in this new focus.

Set your intention.

Make a new plan.

Get creative.

Allow this renewed energy - reinvigoration - to propel you and give you the motivation and strength to make it happen.

An EPIC Business Map is a strategic plan that makes sure you will succeed and reach all your goals in your own way, on your own term.

Self Discovery is crucial to knowing exactly where it is you're going and what you want the journey to look like.

(Ask about our IMAP program and retreats)

Give your dream a chance...

with some resetting, a little imagination, and the right tools, ....


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