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Boost Your Productivity AND Your Marketing with Color!

by EPIC Interns | May 6, 2019 | Arts, Business Tips, EPIC Entrepreneurs, Inspirational

color of productivity

I’m sure we’ve all heard how the colors red and yellow make us more inclined to eat or raise our hunger…but what about affecting other parts of our life? Did you know blue, is supposed to keep you up at night? Or what is the best color, to keep you calm and collected?

What colors motivate you, to want to get all your work done?  Or have you noticed, what advertising ads you are most drawn to?  Do you gravitate towards certain colors when you are sad or happy?

Color Psychology…What Is It?

Color psychology is actually super old, dating back to Egyptians! They recorded how the colors made them feel and used their findings in their holistic medicine practices.

In more recent times, Angela Wright has really pioneered modern uses of color theory, especially in BUSINESSES and MARKETING. She’s written papers on how color affects our mood, proving what we’ve believed for millennia.

There are 4 main colors that build up color psychology: RED, YELLOW, BLUE and GREEN. These all combine together to create the vibes of other colors. (Like excitement and optimism creating a friendly, confident feel for orange!) Her findings for emotion and color are the same ones marketing teams use today!

color psychology productivity

This infographic from The Logo Company does a great job of explaining what each color makes us feel and what popular logos use those colors! Can you tell if the logos make you feel these specific emotions?

Using Your Color: To Boost Your Productivity AND Your Marketing

In the WORKPLACE – According to one post, there are four colors that are best to encourage productivity in your workspace, each focused on a different type!

Color theory is used a lot in MARKETING – Tons of brands, logos, and decor for major businesses choose their colors on how they want their audience to feel. How does McDonald’s make you feel? Which color reflects that feeling? Marketing departments spend a lot of time making sure that logos imbue the exact feelings they want, so their brand is always associated with feelings that fit their message best. According to one post, there are four colors that are best to encourage productivity in your workspace, each focused on a different type!



The first color to help with productivity is passionate red. This color is best if your work is PHYSICAL, like if you’re interviewing contractors or need to work with most of your body. Red really inspires us to be active, mirroring the color of blood and muscle; it fills you with COURAGE, STRENGTH, and ENERGY. It instills excitement, like the infographic above says, which really helps for being active in work. For the next time you have an active project, or need to move things all around the house, try and wear something red or surround yourself with reds!


yellow color of productivity

The bright yellow from the chairs in our Zen Room brightens up your mood, and the pale yellow walls makes the space bigger!

Yellow is the Emotional facet of productivity: it focuses on CREATIVITY and bringing feelings into your work. It inspires CONFIDENCE, raises SELF-ESTEEM, and strengthens emotional bonds and feelings. Yellow is a bright and inviting color, and having just an accent wall can brighten your mindset! If your work is highly creative (like working in the arts or writing), having some yellow details are great. (Another note: light yellow makes spaces look bigger and gives the boosts yellow normally gives! We use this for our private offices here at EPIC!)


Green is the BALANCE side of productivity. When surrounded by the color, whether on your walls, clothing, or decor, it brings a sense of refreshment and renewal, and of harmony in your life. Rooted in rebirth, as well as being a color easy on the eyes (human eyes can detect the most shades of green over any other color!), it acts as a sort of soft inner reboot! When you really feel off-kilter and that you can’t handle both work and life responsibilities, coating your office walls with a fresh coat of green paint will definitely spring in that feeling of PRODUCTIVITY to find a new sense of balance. (Since we believe in wellness and that sense of harmony, it certainly makes sense why we have touches of green in our logo!)

blue yellow colors of productivity

The deep ocean blue of our Da Vinci Room chairs calms and heightens focus, and matched with the pale yellow walls brings creative drive to a logically-driven mind! Knock-out productive combo!


Blue is the color of the MIND: if you had to pick one color to really see as “the most productive”, it would be this. However, all these other colors inspire productivity in different aspects. This is the one that really fits the most traditional portrayal of being PRODUCTIVE, helping with communication and clearing one’s mind of distractions. This is the Intellectual color or side of productivity: it helps with efficiency, intelligence, calmness, and logic. For those days you need to sit at a desk for long hours, grueling over emails and blog posts and files to write, painting your walls blue or adding blue accents, like in our Da Vinci Room, will help keep the cool! (It definitely helps being in our color scheme, too!)


~Working on a project? ……think about how you might use color to give you AND it a boost. 

~The next time you meet with a client, think about how color can play a part in that experience.

~Creating a social media post or designing a flyer for your business?…. think about what your message is and how you use color. 

Visit us on Instagram to check out some of our color play;-)

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