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Daenerys Stormborn, First of her Name, Mother of Dragons, Brainery Member

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Daenerys Targaryen’s Dragonstone business didn’t start with the hatching of 3 legendary dragons. It started long before that with a firey idea. It was one of those ideas that feels like it had always been there, lurking in the corners of her mind. She couldn’t shake it, and so she set out to bring the idea to life and turn her idea into a business.

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“Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” At least, that’s what the septas used to say. And for someone who was stuck in a dead-end desert, living khalasar to khalasar, counting down the workdays and relishing in her days off with her three scaly children, the concept seemed like a fairytale fit for a summer child, until she decided to believe in herself and to believe in her idea.

But how do you turn a business from a concept to a half-baked actuality to a something remotely capable of turning a profit?

Dany didn’t really know. Caring for her dragons and plotting to overtake the Iron Throne seemed like a full-time job in itself. She had no idea how to do all that AND grow her dragonstone business.

For a while, she did the best that she could to balance her business with her plan to rule over the seven kingdoms, dedicating her personal time to the growth and nurturing of that big idea. Dany had a single, clear goal: to gain her rightful place as Queen of Westeros, but she also desired to build her dragonstone business into something that could sustain her financially and empower her to be a part of that ideal—never truly working a day—but the path to get there seemed as impossible as getting the Dothraki across the sea.

She didn’t really have a lot of spare funds to pay for professional help beyond the assistance she was getting from her devoted counsel and followers, and she also wasn’t overly interested in giving up the reins to aspects of her business. So for a while, Dany did everything that she could to be Khaleesi AND run her dragonstone business completely by herself.

But the thing about turning your life into a balancing act is that things have a tendency to tip over. Balancing acts are tricky! A Khaleesi needs to know the math and the measurements, how to defend oneself against invaders, laws and variables….then she needs to calculate, measure, adjust and do, do, do. It’s about balancing trial and error, fire and ice, balancing what works (for YOU) and what doesn’t, and balancing working alone and getting HELP.

For the most part, Dany had her dragons in a row; what she didn’t have was a business team, a supportive community that understood business AND ruling seven kingdoms, someone to bounce ideas off of, or an accountability partner….what she needed was structure and resources to implement all the things she knew she needed to do to help her idea (and her business) really take off.

That’s when Daenerys found the Brainery series at One EPIC Place! (You can join Team Targaryen by clicking the image below)

Click to learn more about the Brainery!

She had considered business panels and workshops before, but she didn’t like the idea of lectures or throwing her gold away on inspiration that would fade away. She liked the Brainery because it was different. It had implementation, accountability, and community, the biggest things she lacked in order to make her business into the success she knew it could be.

Though Dany had been a little hesitant to insert herself into a community where she may not feel welcome or appreciated (because who doesn’t feel a little anxiety before going into new places?), the instructors and members of EPIC made her feel welcome, comfortable, and most importantly, inspired. In the EPIC community setting, she was able to pick up the pieces (many of which she already had!) and put together an action plan that was not only doable, but affordable and exciting.

The Brainery Instructors gave Dany incredible insight on aspects of her business she hadn’t even thought about before, like MARKETING and BRANDING and even INTERNSHIPS! And with the unique setup of the Brainery, she had support from coaching circles and 1-on-1 access to the instructors and founders.

That idea that she had? Now it’s a full-fledged business and successful enterprise. The insight she gained from the series at One EPIC Place ignited a spark that turned the idea into a steady blaze. It even gave Dany a stronger footing as a ruler!

But best of all, it gave her the insight to use the tools she already had in order to truly make a difference in a fraction of the time it would have taken her to do it alone.

DISCLAIMER: As EPIC as the Queen of Dragons is, her character and all Game of Thrones vocab belong to George R.R. Martin, who has a sweet copyright on the GoT universe.

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