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EPIC: The beginning

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We are pulling back the curtains!

We are super excited to share with you our first EPIC blog post! The thing we hear most is, “What is One EPIC Place anyway?!” For 2018 we decided to pull back the curtains, share our story, tell you how we got started and show you what we’re all about.

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A vision of what got us excited, of what was important to us and what we wanted to share with the world. What we didn’t know was that when our TWO VISIONS would come together,  they would become something quite EPIC. We also would love to hear about YOUR vision.  Please share in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

Julie had a vision of helping people find their passion… what it is that matters more to them than anything else.  To find their purpose, to navigate the path that is meant for them, to do what comes most naturally to them and gives them meaning… TO BE WHO THEY TRULY ARE unapologetically and be empowered to be the best and highest version of themselves.

Nicole had a vision of bringing people together, creating a community where people can feel safe, supported, loved and excited to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  A community where we could learn from each other, creatively feed off one another, hold each other to a higher standard, and find friendship and inspiration.


After working together, and by that I mean simply sharing an office, within just a few conversations the sparks began to fly.  As we shared our thoughts and ideas, WE STARTED FANNING EACH OTHER’S FIRES.

It started with sharing some of our ideas with others, hosting a workshop, researching different methods, programs, systems, and what other people were doing.  We listened to our community and what their needs were and what they wanted.  Most importantly we FOLLOWED OUR GUT.  We trusted each other and the crazy ass chemistry that we found when we worked together.  It’s funny, not only do most people think that we’ve been friends forever, but we also forget ourselves, that we really just met.

One day we had an idea to HELP EMPOWER WOMEN to not be afraid to go after what they truly wanted and not what they thought they were supposed to want.

One day someone walked into our office and asked if we would SHARE OUR SPACE an hour a week.

One day we helped a friend take the leap to START THEIR OWN BUSINESS.

One day we HELD A MEETING for anyone wanting to meet other people, to brainstorm an idea or who just needed support.

One day to another day plus another day…three years later and we’ve been able to help over a hundred businesses and individuals FIND THEIR PURPOSE AND BE PART OF A TRIBE.

And now WE get to live our purpose and be part of an EPIC community.  

Please share your story too! (SHARE in the comments below.)


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