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Quarantine Pods

Quarantine Pods

In an ever changing world, the norm is no longer the norm. Think back to a year ago we used to go and

hang out in mass crowds, hug people, and shake hands... now, these simple acts feel like strangers to us. But, as human beings, we adapt. We change our ways and we modify our lives. Stronger, tougher and braver than ever, our world’s situation has created new ways of living.

New ways of living bring new terms as well. One of these being quarantine pods. Maybe you read a quick tweet mentioning them, saw a news headline stating something about them or maybe you were eavesdropping in on that group of moms talking about them but you still have no idea what they are. Let me help you!

What is a quarantine pod?

→ A quarantine pod is an up and coming innovation that allows for safer and more secure socialization. It generally consists of small groups of people coming together, creating an extended version of your already established ‘bubble’. Within the pods, each and every person has agreed to exclusively interact with only the other people in them. If one member is somehow exposed to the virus, this limits the risk of exposure to large amounts of people. Each member within the pod is responsible for their own actions outside of the pod.

Why would I choose to participate in a quarantine pod and how would it benefit me?

→ Think of the pod as your vacation home. It is a place to get away to, while also enjoying great company. We all have been trapped inside, stuck in our own little bubbles for the last few months. Some of us have been alone, others of us stuck with our families.

The purpose of the pod is to socialize with people outside of your normal setting, while limiting your exposure to people outside of your established pod. The idea is that pods serve as a safe place for your group’s needs. Maybe you want to use it as a place for students to get together and work on homework. Maybe you want to use it for your club to meet. Maybe you just want to use it as a place for kids to be kids and have a play date.

A quarantine pod allows socialization and a sense of normalcy. Being around other people is a huge aspect of life. It was a part of life that we generally tended to take for granted before Covid. As often as you may hear “Stay home and stay safe”, it is much easier said than done. Many people tend to struggle without the socialization part of life. We had become accustomed to meeting up with friends for a drink, getting together for a book club, and having kids come together for a play date. A pod allows for all of these things, and even more!

Now that you know what a quarantine pod is and you are liking the sounds of it, let’s take a look at 5 of the best tips to create a successful pod.

Think about what is important to you!

Everybody has their own concerns and worries about the virus, make sure to communicate these when talking to other people who may join your pod. You want to be on the same page as your fellow members. Mutual agreement about the terms of your pod is key!

Find people with similar schedules!

Find people with similar schedules as you to ensure that you will actually have time to meet up. Take into consideration work schedules, kid’s activities and even when you may want free time. You do not want to create a pod and agree to exclusivity with people that you will never end up seeing!

Think about the location for your pod!

Do you want it to be close to home or maybe you need to get away from your town? Make sure to check out One EPIC Place located in the Hudson Valley. Whether you need a large loft area or a small cozy getaway, they have rooms to suit all different needs!

Choose your members wisely!

Make sure that you are choosing people you enjoy being around and want to be around. Try matching up with people that have similar personalities or people that you share an interest with. This will make being in a pod much more tolerable and fun!

Monitor yourself and your group members

Do not forget to check yourself for symptoms and be watching out for symptoms present in others. Holding yourself accountable by washing your hands and wearing your mask in public is key to success!

Make sure to check out One EPIC Place for all of your quarantine pod space needs. Check out our website or call to book a virtual or in person tour!

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