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The EPIC Effect

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

by Heather Stadler | Mar 15, 2019 | Arts, EPIC Entrepreneurs

I was hired to be the EPIC Assistant back in June.

My first week at EPIC!

I was in transition—I was looking to make a career shift but I couldn’t find the direction. It wasn’t that I sought out a co-working space, I just needed someone to take a chance on me. That’s when I met Julie and Nicole.

I knew it wouldn’t be an ordinary job when Julie and Nicole asked me “What sort of things I usually geek out over.” I sensed that this environment would be a good fit for me. I longed for a place to belong, where I would be respected and appreciated, where I could grow and flourish, and really explore where my career path might take me… 

I’ve written before about “jumping headfirst” into co-working without much of a clue of what to expect, but honestly, the last thing I expected taking an Administrative Assistant position was how much 8½ months of being EPIC would help me grow, flourish, and discover my passions.

Nicole & Julie call One EPIC Place an “incubator” for start-ups. We refer to it as the perfect place for small businesses to take off, to grow beyond our Business Hub and private office spaces, to be truly successful. While this may be true for businesses, it’s true for people, too. 

“The EPIC Effect”

As I worked with Julie and Nicole, strengths I didn’t know I had began to emerge. I shifted from filing and scanning to designing graphics. I slowly but surely took over the entire EPIC social media presence, and the people of EPIC became like a family to me. My career path was beginning to take shape before my eyes, a completely unexpected perk of being EPIC. Simply by being a part of this community, I was improving. 

I gained an aptitude for networking. I became more comfortable putting myself “out there.” The skills I began to develop as my role took more of a marketing shape were insurmountable. We developed Game Nights, Pajama Days, and imagined ways to improve our clout in the community. We brainstormed, problem-solved, and I even took over the whole business for a week while Julie & Nicole were out of the office. 

Before EPIC, it was like I was confined. After, I could stretch out and explore—I was always supported, encouraged, and even laughing my way through every workday. 

Inspiration, innovation, and confidence are in the air at EPIC… With so much change, growth, and empowerment happening around me all the time, I was never going to leave the same way I came in. 

CEO for a week while Julie & Nicole were out of the office

Embracing the Unicorn life

Power trio

Visiting the art exhibit of one of our members, Peter Fairweather!

An EPIC Halloween

Pajama Day

Pajama Day

So let me leave you with some advice, reader. If you have a chance to be EPIC, don’t miss it. EPIC is a constantly moving thing. Like Pocahontas says, “you can’t step in the same river twice.” That is also true for One EPIC Place. If you’re longing for a community to belong to, be EPIC. If you’re looking to find your true direction, be EPIC. If you’re looking to combine work and play, be EPIC. If you’re looking for a couple of badass women mentors who will kick your butt (nicely) and get you into gear, be EPIC. If you want a network of amazing and gracious professionals, be EPIC. If you’re not sure if you’re ready, BE EPIC! 

I will cherish the 8½ months I’ve spent at 122 Main Street forever. Thank you, Nicole, Julie, and everyone who has ever been and ever will be a part of this truly amazing community.

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