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Nicole and Julie pose side by side, Nicole holding a 'fire' element in her hand and Julie holding an 'ice' element in her hand.

Nicole’s fiery red hair and Julie’s icy white hair quickly earned them the nickname, ‘Fire & Ice’.... but it just so happens that their personalities are a perfect match. This is what inspired the new epic logo.

Learn more about what Julie & Nicole Bring to the table...

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Nicole holding her hand out with 'fire' in her hand

Nicole's fiery red hair lights a match to her spunky and passionate personality.  
At heart, Nicole is an optimist and enthusiastic lover of life!

"I love being part of things greater than just me; family, community, relationships, collaborations, creations….I love being part of and making connections.”

Nicole loves to make; music, art, and things come to life, like communities + gardens! She loves magic and loves to play. ”I love to be excited and I love to get others excited!”

She is full of passion, love, empathy, joy, conviction and…. 
is impatient, stubborn, assertive, dramatic, reactive, and swears like the sailor she was…she’s lots of layers!

Nicole spent 6 years in the Navy, homeschooled her 3 children, traveled around the country in an RV for several years, and doesn’t like conformity. 

She's a traveler, hiker, poker player, knitter (never with a pattern), and cook (never with a recipe), all in one!


Nicole is

Julie loves to experience life!  Whether it’s traveling, doing something that involves horsepower, trying new foods, laughing and being silly, or doing one of the many things she’s interested in or curious about, she's always up for an adventure.
She LOVES helping people doing what they were born to do. 

”When I see someone doing what they’re meant to do, it hits a chord deep inside me and often brings me to tears.”
Julie is a proud mother of three, very creative boys and has been married to the person who keeps her tethered to the ground for 37 years.
“It’s important to me to do something meaningful in my life that benefits others. I believe in a greater potential for humanity.  I believe there are things in the universe that are 'magical' - which to me means that it’s currently beyond our understanding.  We, everything, it’s all connected.  The more we can embrace and feel this, the better off we’ll all be.”
Julie is a very curious person (but in a Curious George kind of way ;)  She loves spontaneity!


Julie is

Julie holding an 'ice' globe in her hand
EPIC colored circles dotted 'i' graphic
Red, dark blue, and light blue bubbles with EPIC dotted 'i' graphic
Orange, red and light blue bubbles with EPIC dotted 'i' graphic

 A Map of our 


Nicole and Julie posing in front of the One EPIC Place Building

2014 -

The start of our EPIC journey in business together!

Nicole and Julie working together at the table in One EPIC Place
Nicole and Julie posing in front of pictures of their Veteran family members

2014 -

Both of us were looking for a space to meet with our coaching clients, but what we didn't know at the time was that we were moving into our first EPIC Coworking space!

Popsicle orange and puke green walls - just hideous!  What were we thinking!?

We were thinking…something just felt right!  (Trusting our gut is something we would do a lot over the next years and it always served us well :)

Our visions collided and our
passion for growing  community blossomed!

2015 -

First (of many) big expansions take place. 

Our ideas, collaborations, and shared purpose of growing community caught fire and the Coworking business gained traction.

We tripled in size and membership. Did we have growing pains? Absolutely! Was it worth it? Abso-fucking-lutely!

Nicole and Julie cutting the ceremonial ribbon for One EPIC Place
Nicole and Julie posing together at a Women of Wisdom event

2018  -

We have over 60 members & have expanded to 3 more locations. We are now coaching several small businesses & are very active in the larger biz community. 

We became very involved in our local chamber, co-chairing the women's business organization, serving on several boards, hosting events - it was a whirlwind….and we loved it!

2019  -

Our space is still growing. We are now offering more services, beginning with the EPIC Brainery - offering lunch and learns for local business owners, seminars and workshops.  All with the goal of helping small business owners thrive and work on their own terms.

Julie and Nicole on the beach

2020  - 

The Big 'shift! We all know what happened in 2020.  Like most businesses, our Coworking community shifted focus. We were able to pivot and still provide support and resources to our members and community.

Our local Chamber of Commerce closed it’s doors after decades of service.  We were asked to house the New Paltz Visitors Center in our EPIC Next Door building.

2021 - 

BIG Decision!  Julie & her husband decide to move to South Carolina.  Holy shit!  Now what?

This was certainly not part of our original plans, but we figured out a way to make it work.  Julie split her time between NY and SC for the next couple years. 

2022 - 

The coworking business is thriving.  But something is missing….

Although we were owners of the coworking space, our real passion has always been coaching.  The busier the coworking space got, the less we were able to coach.  

After months of agonizing discussions (we didn’t want to let people down), we decided it was time to close our doors and put our entire focus on business coaching.  Helping small business owners thrive by working on their own terms is what we love to do!

Nicole and Julie celebrating

2023 - 

Decision made.  On July 31, 2023 we closed the doors to One EPIC Place, Inc. and officially launched EPIC Business Coaching!!

Red, light blue and orange bubbles with EPIC dotted 'i' graphic
Light blue, red and orange bubbles with EPIC dotted 'i' graphic
Dark blue, Red and light blue bubbles with EPIC dotted 'i' graphic
Red, light blue and orange bubbles with EPIC dotted 'i' graphic
Heart Page Icon
Nicole and Julie jumping for joy on the sandy beach
Nicole and Julie holding up their hv1 newspaper article feature
Epic Business Coaching Chevron Graphic


M ssion

'i' letter found in the EPIC Business Coaching Logo

Our mission is simple:
to help you reach YOUR version of success by forging your own path.

We will start with discovery...
This can look like a conversation, intake forms, or strategy sessions.
Then a declaration of who you are and what you want. 
Then we map out goals based on your unique vision.

How we work together: 

We will make it personal...
Beginning with this map, we will make a plan that is customized to honor and match where you are in your business, how you like to work, what your timeline is, and what your needs and goals are.  
We help you do you!

We will support you...
After we develop your customized business map, we will set up a system of support and accountability to execute your plan. From there, we will evaluate and explore additional support and systems depending on your needs. This could include oversight and regular accountability, time management support, financial assistance...

We will work with methods that assist you toward success...

  • Customized Working Sessions 

  • Business Mapping Intensives

  • Follow up BMap sessions 

  • Oversight and accountability

  • Check-ins, Email, Text Support, Spot Coaching

  • Resources and Connections

  • Mastermind Groups and Retreats

Like a Map to Your Dreams

Epic things started to happen in my life after a few weeks in brainstorming with Nicole; this is when she helped me discover my business name. N&J are the most amazing, supportive people I’ve ever met. They helped me shape my business to an extension of myself and that is how I became the "Food Adventurer."

- Christopher C.

Are you ready for an

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