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Intake: First we get curious. We’ll start with a super informative (for us) and thought provoking (for you) inquiry.

Let’s Chat: Book a quick callAfter we review your questionnaire we set up a complimentary session to explore what it might look like to work together.

Recommendation: We’ll make a proposal. After we chat we will send you a summary of our session and suggestions on how we might work together.



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Our goal is to help you...

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...Find Your Compass

  • Get clear on your vision 

  • Be CONFIDENT on where you're going 

  • Know exactly how you’re going to get there

...Map Out a Plan

Road graphic with Map Pin Icons
  • Lay out your yearly, monthly and weekly goals

  • Have policies and procedures on how to get there

  • Identify potential pitfalls

  • This will help you REDUCE STRESS

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...Keep a Pulse on Your Biz

  • Have benchmarks

  • Track & Measure your PROGRESS

  • Set up accountability

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...Create a Solid Foundation

  • Build systems for clear decision making

  • Create containers for sustainable practices

  • Have tools to navigate and GROW your business

Together, we'll choose the path that's right for you...

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Julie writing on a dry erase board while Nicole teaches shared concepts
Nicole and Julie in business attire at their Hudson Valley Office
Nicole discussing One EPIC Place goals with Julie
Julie and Nicole working together on a desk with iPad

Business Mapping

Either an intensive
or a series of shorter one on one sessions - where we'll create a comprehensive & customized business map in a safe space, with laser focus, curiosity, and creativity.

Julie and Nicole brainstorming with clients
Nicole and Julie speaking with interns
Nicole and Julie meeting with One EPIC Place staff
Nicole hugging a happy client at an event

Coaching Support

This customized-for-you plan may include oversight, accountability, maintenance with one on one sessions and/or coaching support.

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Julie and Nicole hosting a women's outdoor circle event
Nicole and Julie working with a client at One EPIC Place
Nicole and Julie sitting with coaching clients
Nicole and Julie celebrating the start of EPIC Business Coaching with clients
Nicole and Julie posing together with happy clients

Group Work

We offer mastermind groups, retreats and workshops throughout the year. We love the way great ideas flow and excitement builds when groups come together.

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Our Coaching Approach & Influences

EPIC Coaching is...
  • For the heart centered business owner
  • EOS/Traction Structured
  • Customized for YOU
Our Coaching practice is a culmination of our beliefs, philosophies, training and experience, as well as our passion for both individualism and living/working on your own terms.
In over 10 years of coaching, as well as decades of being business owners, we've found  the EOS system, from the book Traction by Gino Wickman, to be one of the most helpful tools to use with our clients.  In addition to our other methods, we use this to help our clients establish and customize a strong and efficient foundation for the successful running of their company.  (read more to see more of our influences)


Our principal philosophy is simple….be you.  


We don't believe that you should have to change who you are in order for you to have a successful business. 

It's only by being you - all of it…the good, the bad, the ugly and the fucking fabulous - that you will have any kind of true success.

Through a series of proven discussions, exercises and practices, we'll assist you in integrating your personality, challenges, strengths, talents, your passions - into your business model. In addition, we'll help you lay the foundation for your business journey by designing a business map that will help you… - Get clear on your vision and mission of your company - Develop a company culture (even if you're one person) that aligns with who you are - Create realistic and attainable goals, as well as help you stay on track with your goals - Create systems and policies that will be the backbone of your business - Help you prioritize your ideas, decisions and growth - Give you a clear roadmap so you know what to do on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis - Provide peace of mind knowing that you always know where you're at with your to do’s, goals, finances. We know how much hard work, grit and determination it takes to run a successful business. We also know how important it is - essential really - that you feel whole, fulfilled and well. Running a business shouldn’t be a sacrifice - no one should have to compromise their health, well-being, or values to achieve success. It is for that reason that we focus on both the health of your company, as well as your own. Now, we won’t be forcing you to eat superfoods and meditate (although those are both great ideas), but we will encourage you to incorporate practices into your life that provide mental, emotional and physical well-being. If you don’t own yourself, you don’t truly own your business. We like to bridge the gap between personal well-being and the health of your business. To us, bridging this gap means owning who you are and incorporating that into your business. It also means marrying the world of the seen to the world of the unseen/unspoken/undiscovered using techniques and tools that are not always mainstream. Some of you may already have this down, but for most, it can be a struggle. We're here to help. *Some books that have influenced us.... Traction EOS Get a Grip E-Myth Profit First How to be a Great Boss Atomic Habits Desire Mapping Deep Work The One Thing

What Nicole and Julie bring to the table...

Nicole and Julie Pointing to Graphic Tshirts Which Say More Fun More Love and Go With The Flow

In addition to being talented and devoted business coaches, they each possess additional strengths that add real depth to the coaching experience.

Nicole + Julie
Julie Robbins posing by brick wall

Julie possesses some type of internal barometer that tells her if something rings true for a person and can usually detect when someone is bullshitting themselves.  On the flipside, she can also tell (by way of full body goosebumps) when she sees a person living their purpose.


Julie is very good at reading body language which can often tell just as much, if not more, than what's being said.  She has a knack for knowing when a seemingly small side comment actually speaks volumes.  She loves helping people see and embrace all parts of themselves.


From a practical standpoint, she's able to see the holes or gaps in your plan.  She also gets what's needed to make your plan work in a way that doesn’t compromise your values and who you are as an individual.


She’s great with numbers and figuring out what you need to do in order to achieve your monetary goals.  She also has over three decades of experience running businesses and helping others run their businesses.  She has coached hundreds of small business owners, has degrees in economics & accounting, and certifications in business coaching and mediation.

Nicole has the uncanny ability to connect very quickly and is able to determine what is needed in the moment.  
She's easily able to guide you through what needs attention- grounding, an energy shift, movement, encouragement and/or motivation. 
She's a born timekeeper, task master & organizer. She keeps you on track & focused. Nicole is also able to hold space and give tough love when needed. 
Whether it's understanding, compassion or a whip-cracking, butt-kicking motivator, she’s great at holding people accountable.  
She's a natural community builder and connector and is a wiz at fostering a great sense of belonging and connection with others.

Nicole Langlois posing by brick wall
Nicole and Julie running down the road

We'll be with you every step of the way to map out a plan that works for YOU.

Forge your own path in business, with proven methods and a team of support cheering you on.

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Get ready to experience
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