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“Nicole and Julie have been the two most supportive and inspiring women I have associated with in my adult life.”

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When I originally launched my business I had thought I would be able to do it all. I had skills, knowledge and the internet! I had signed up to take courses and things that would help me to create my business and develop additional skills.


I eventually reached a point where I had thought my biggest fear e.g. failure was coming to fruition as I wasn't making any money and I felt an immense desperation. At that point, I reached out to Julie & Nicole and commenced coaching with them initially booking only 1 session. After 1 coaching session I felt an immense relief and so supported! My mindset began shifting even from day 1. I signed up for their 6 & 12 session packages and it has been bliss with them ever since.


I've booked clients, reduced my anxiety when the client lulls occur and am exploring facets of myself that I had not even realized could contribute to challenges within my business. They really tailor all of their sessions to each individual and each obstacle encountered. 



Throughout our coaching sessions, Julie & Nicole kept me laser-focused on my goals while providing the essential support and encouragement needed to overcome my unique challenges.


The impact of their coaching extends far beyond the strategies and techniques they shared. Their genuine care and understanding fostered an environment where I felt safe to explore, play, learn, and grow. Julie and Nicole are pivotal not only to my growth as an entrepreneur but also as a leader.


If you are seeking a transformative coaching experience that will propel you to new heights, I urge you to embrace the invaluable mentorship of Julie and Nicole.  

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I tell everyone that I don't know that I could have made a go of this business if I hadn't found EPIC. I needed a space to grow my business in a financially accessible way. Finding EPIC felt like a sign from the universe that I was on the right path. I've learned so much from Julie and Nicole, the other members with whom I've interacted, and of course my MasterMind sisters.

This is a great way to start to grow legs under your entrepreneurial idea, and there are diverse spaces that will allow for significant growth over time. It's the best of both worlds and for entrepreneurs that don't want to always work alone...this is a great way to still be part of a community.



Nicole and Julie have been absolutely instrumental to the success of my business with their creative coaching strategies in helping me stay focused, organized, and accountable.


In just a short amount of time, their insightfulness has shaved off months of potential pitfalls that I no doubt would have encountered the hard way.

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Get ready to make an EPIC impact.

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"I walked out of there as a Renter so motivated and inspired to do what I’m meant to do and started to take steps in my practice grow.  After a few weeks of being a renter I started seeing Nicole and Julie as my Holistic Business Health Coaches.  Epic things started to happen in my life after a few weeks. Nicole and I were having a session in the Epic Room brainstorming with the white board walls; this is when she helped me discover my adventure with One Epic Place began 7 months ago; when my biggest transformation started.  When I first went to One Epic Place to meet Julie and Nicole in person for the first time, I instantly felt this calming peaceful energy as I walked through the big blue door.  Julie and Nicole were waiting for me greeting me with smiles and homie loving hugs.  Within the first few moments of meeting them I knew I had to be a part of what was going on at One Epic Place.  At this time I was working a full time job not doing my Health Coaching Practice.  Nicole and Julie were so inspirational.  My original intent for going to One Epic was over my business name, The Food Adventurer.  N&J are the most amazing supportive people I’ve ever met.  They helped me shape my business to an extension of myself and that is how I became the Food Adventurer.”

Christopher C.


"Nicole and Julie have been the two most supportive and inspiring women I have associated with in my adult life. They truly are the definition of role models for me. I strive to operate my business with the principles and values that they’ve help me instill. Not through any advice they’ve given but through their encouragement to discover my vision and values for myself- by looking within my self rather then searching externally."

Ashley Walko

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