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One EPIC Place, Inc. Can Help You Secure The Right Workspace

One EPIC Place, Inc. helps many aspiring entrepreneurs. When it comes to starting your own business, it can be an overwhelming process. Many entrepreneurs fail because they lack guidance. But we have your back by providing business coaching. One EPIC Place takes a holistic approach to help you develop your business based on your style and the type of structure you want to implement. We will sit down with you and help you develop a system based on your strengths, lifestyle, personal goals, and passion. And theres more... you can learn valuable lessons to help your business succeed! Maybe you are unsure of your purpose in life or perhaps you have a gift that you are unsure how to use. One EPIC Place can provide guidance and direction that suits you best. If you have determination, we will help you develop your dream into a successful and bright future. We are here for you ever step of the way and we will inform you about different techniques you can use to create a sustainable business.

Remote Assistance

If the last couple of years taught us anything, it's that we always have to reevaluate ourselves, plan the best we can, and grow and evolve. It has made the demand for remote workspaces to continue to rise. A plus side is that recent technological advancements have made it possible for businesses to achieve growth using remote platforms. Many businesses currently offer their employees hybrid or remote working environments. While, some companies are looking for a rentable office or co-working space to avoid being left behind. Here at One EPIC Place, we have many benefits of hybrid businesses and co-working spaces and we can't wait to tell you all about it. Did you know that offering co-working opportunities could help your business save money in the long term ? How great is that? And even if you prefer traditional settings, you can assess your options because we have it all!

Meeting Rooms

As a business owner, you always consider the benefits of meeting rooms. What value does it add

to your business? A meeting room provides a comfortable setting for you to brainstorm ideas or meet with your employees and potential investors. Meeting rooms also look professional, and you can avoid many of the outside distractions. Here at One EPIC Place, you have the option to rent a meeting room and the benefit? You will only be charged for the time that you need whether that be half a day or months at a time. This is a convenient way to conduct business without committing to a traditional office setting. We have so many possible rent options!

Virtual Meetings

Don't worry, we have forgotten that remote businesses often rely on virtual offices as well.

However, there are some situations where virtual companies search for conference rooms to conduct meetings. If you are operating a remote business, One EPIC Place provides guidance you need. You can set up a virtual meeting to go over new concepts or simply brainstorm ideas. One EPIC Place can help you rent a conference room to host your event or simply hold a gathering with your team. With this, you can enhance the credibility of your business while also saving money in the process. It is what we like to call a win-win!

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