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Why Core Values Are So Important

by Nicole Langlois | Jul 23, 2019

Why Core Values Are So Important

When we were asked to share our Core Values for EPIC in 6 words or less, we thought it would be impossible.  There are so many aspects of our business that are an important to us! How could we possibly share that in 6 words!?

So, we went to the white boards….

Core Values are important

EPIC Core Values

We started listing all the things at the root of our business…..and turns out we started seeing patterns and things that could be linked together.  After some time at the white board… and time in the car on a short road trip…. and MORE time going back over it again – we were able to narrow it down to the following 6 words/phrases; the core values of EPIC:

La Famiglia – Funovation – Grit & Gumption – Raw Communication – Impact – Designed Freedom

Why was this important?

Our own self discovery lead to the backbone of how we do business, how we make decisions, what we are communicating to our team, members, and community, and clarity on the direction in which we want to go as a company. Our core values also became a decision-making rubric on which we now base all of our important decisions. 

Identifying our core values allows us to communicate to the world who we are, what we stand for, and what makes us tick. This makes it so much easier to reach our potential clients and members, and easy for them to decide if we’re a good fit. 

“If you consider that Zappos sold their business to Amazon for $1.2 BILLION dollars, and the CEO says if he could do ONE thing differently, it would be to create their values at the very beginning, then that should be a sledgehammer of a clue for you to do the same.” ~ from an article in  Huffpost.

Interested in knowing more about our EPIC Core Values?  Read on…

La Famiglia – We have many things in common. One of them is that we both grew up in big Italian families where there was lots of love, family, food, and hand gestures. Nothing is more important than family. We believe the same is true when it comes to our work family. 

Our members, our EPIC Team, our New Paltz community, and colleagues are our WHY. This is what brings us to work everyday, keeps us laughing, touches our hearts, and feeds our soul. 

La famiglia è la patria del cuore.

Grit Courage Bravery - Core Values are Important

Courage & Determination

Grit & Gumption – Essential if you want to be both sustainable and thriving. There’s no getting around hard work and standing up when you feel like sitting down. And you have to have the courage to say ‘YES!’, take informed chances, and just plain go for it with all you’ve got. 

So does this mean it’s easy?  Courage and gumption can be a challenge for some of us. But when you have a lot of support to GO FOR IT, along with the devil’s advocate keeping you in check, moxie is a powerful thing! 

Raw Communication – Besides the details, raw, open, and honest communication is the key to a successful business. From the start, we made a promise to stick to this – even if it’s uncomfortable at times. Not only does it just plain feel good, it has often been the catalyst for innovation.  

From day one we sat down and laid it all out.  Strengths, weaknesses, when this eye twitches it means run, to make sure I’m listening throw something at me, the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Fun Core Values are Important

Always having fun!

Funovation – Why is this a core value? We always say, “If we are not having fun, something has to change.” We also think innovation is the key to solving problems in a way that will evolve your business.

We started EPIC by seeing a need and trying to figure out how to fill it.  And every time we were faced with a challenge or new puzzle to solve, we had to get super creative.  There were really no models for us and being innovative was the name of the game. 

The fun part is just because…..WHY NOT?!

Impact – This one word packs a punch. To us, it means giving back, having conviction, leadership, owning your power, leaving a legacy, living your purpose, dedication, and taking responsibility. Improving the lives of others…..and making a difference.  What’s the short of it?  Create a positive ripple effect in all you do! Nuff said;-)

Designed Freedom – Freedom to us means doing things the way we want to do them. Adhering to someone else’s idea of how things should get done doesn’t really work for us. But, we do have to work. So through much trial and error, we have intentionally designed how we do business.  We have set the stage to bask in the freedoms we cherish – like more time with our family, travel, creativity, and fun work retreats. 

Core Value / Designed Freedom

Our EPIC Business Community

The key, and the trick, was mindfully choosing our roles, responsibilities, and schedules based on our desires, strengths, and personality.

This is also something we do for and with our community. In our shared spaces we co-create the experience our members want and need to do business their way. In our coaching sessions we work hand-in-hand with our clients to make sure they are doing business because of who they are, not in-spite of it.  And in our community we work hard at helping shift the perspective on what success looks like and HOW we do business. 

Need help distilling your Core Values and intentionally designing your business?  This, among other things, is something we offer in EMap Business Coaching. We help you take your business to where you want it to be by helping you lay the foundation and structure you need to thrive! 

Have questions? Feel free to email us at


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