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Business Mapping - An Entrepreneur's Business Plan That Actually Works

Here we will share our stories, and some of yours. We will be real, honest, hopefully inspiring, and give you some epic food for thought!

Blog - Business Mapping

by Nicole Langlois

A business plan for entrepreneurs?

A small business owner’s blueprint?

A tool business coaches use to help their clients?

A custom path for an entrepreneur to reach their goals?


Meg worked in corporate America for over 10 years in human

resources. Eventually, her weeks began to feel unbearable and what once excited her, now felt like it was sucking the life out of her.

On the weekends she started cooking from sun up to sun down… for herself, family, friends, even the mailman- and she loved every minute of it.

Her vegan lifestyle didn't always make it easy to eat out and

she wanted to make eating fun, delicious, and healthy!

During the day she would geek out on new recipes when she was supposed to be working…it was all she talked & thought about.

With a burst of courage and the support of her family & friends, she finally took the big leap to get her very own Food Truck!

She made her business plan so she could get a small loan, she quit her job, & traded her time sheet for an apron.

Her grand opening was a dream and the first few months were exhilarating, rewarding, and a bit euphoric. Her 'vegan eats' were wowing the pants off her customers & putting color back in her cheeks!

........Meg's Vegan Vibes on Wheels was now a year old and every morning Meg greeted her customers with a smile & a delicious treat!

BUT, when her head hit the pillow her mind was lit up like a x-mas tree....

"I added 10 new things to the menu but I'm still not sure what's making or losing me money!"

"Did I do everything right for my taxes?"

"I have no idea how much money I'm spending every month."

"Did I forget to pay myself this month?"

"Do I want to do this forever or scale to something bigger- my feet hurt!?"

"I have so many things I want to try and know I need to do...but I'm freaking tired and there just isn't enough TIME."

Meg's business plan never left her desk.

She was losing her grip on finances.

Most days she was spinning in circles.

Her customers were sometimes confused & let down by so many inconsistencies.

Then, she met Jane and Nat, two AMAZING business coaches, who

told her about EPIC Business Mapping.

After just a few sessions Meg had a living breathing document that gave her focus, direction, and clear action steps to move towards her goals.

She got crystal clear on where she wanted to be in 1 year - 3 - even 10 yrs!

She remembered her why and reawakened the excitement she had in the beginning and was able to pin point what she valued most......

which helped her streamline her products, make important decisions & keep her on the right path.

Every day she had small tasks that helped her reach her weekly goals which helped her complete her quarterly Rocks, which got her to her 1 year vision.

There was never a time that she had to wonder what money was coming in or how much she was


She had systems in place and was tracking everything that was important for her to keep a pulse on her Business.

She had an actual map to navigate this crazy journey of entrepreneurship to get her to her "pie in the.. . sky" dream.

And she actually had more FREE TIME.

Her map looks different from Jack's, one of her 'co-workers' in her EPIC mastermind group, who is a photographer.

But the steps and containers are the same. His path is just shaped differently-as everyone on this journey is going somewhere a little different & has their own unique terrain.


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