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Meet our newest member……Joey Tribbiani!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

by EPIC Interns | Apr 9, 2019 | Business Tips, Coworking, EPIC Entrepreneurs, EPIC members, Inspirational

Life can be tough for an aspiring actor. It can be tough for anyone trying to get ahead.  Especially if you’re DOING IT ALONE. Take it from Joey Tribbiani—he’s been around the block more than once.

And now with his FRIENDS moving on….he even started talking to pineapples.

Joey was in grave danger of falling into the work alone pineapple blues. 

side bar – It’s a slippery slope….pineapples, volley balls, invisible friends named Benji, what’s your rock bottom of the work from home isolation booth coffee house going stir crazy blues, before you call 1-800-EPIC aka 845 232-0402??

A day in the life of an actor | Source: Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank

Get Support

After being kicked off Days of Our Lives, he really hit a wall in his acting career. But Joey knew that if he wanted to get his acting back on track, he needed support to get his heart AND his head back into what he’s doing.

Image result for joey tribbiani acting

His friend, Chandler, suggested he try One EPIC Place on for size, a nearby place that could both help him gain any skills to get his foot back in the door, as well as find a better atmosphere to be working on his CAREER and his GAME;-)

After he heard about what EPIC did for Daenery’s dragonstone business, he decided to pop in to check it out.

One EPIC Place makes you as excited as Joey is seeing himself on TV! | Source: The Daily Edge

“How YOU doing?”

“Free coffee? Comfy couch? Breakfasts in the Hub? Private rooms I can rent to take a nap? …… How YOU doin? …….Sign me up!”  Joey ended up signing up for a membership with a new vigor and a new drive to restart his acting career. 

Sitting in the EPIC Room, he was able to pull out his laptop and search for casting calls, email his agent for any new roles that fit his acting style,

Making you Career a Business! 

On more than one occasion, he talked with other EPIC members or went to the monthly Lunch N’ Learns, learning skills from entrepreneurs to better prepare himself and treat his acting career like a business.  He even took some scene study classes with fellow EPIC member and acting coach Wayne Pyle! (That really came in handy when the roles and auditions started to trickle in).

One EPIC Place surely helped Joey renew his dedication to acting, AND helped land him a role on a new TV drama set, Coworking with Friends!

Congratulations, Joey! | Source: Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank

Be like Joey: see what awaits you and your business/career through coworking at One EPIC Place!

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