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Nine Best Nature Spots in the Hudson Valley to Beat the Business Blues

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by EPIC Interns | Apr 24, 2019 | Business Tips, Coworking, EPIC Entrepreneurs, Inspirational, wellness

Shawangunk Mountain Ridge

One of the greatest things about being located in the Hudson Valley is all the beautiful NATURE spots surrounding us! Here are Nine of Hudson Valley’s best nature spots. 

Being in nature can have significant impact on our WELLBEING and can help your business!

It’s always so wonderful to be able to look out your window and see the iconic Ridge shooting out from the dense thickets of trees. It’s beautiful and inspiring, and sometimes a little…distracting?

Sometimes you need a BREAK. You’ve been doing so much hard work recently!

Setting up your professional blog, buying business cards, networking out the kazoo for clients, and now you just feel like a chicken with its head cut off. Running a business is hard, and at some point, you have to sit yourself down and realize it’s time for a break. (Shameless plug: It also might mean you are ready for some EPIC coaching!)

1.) Walkway Over the Hudson

Located just a stone’s throw away with entrances in both Poughkeepsie and Highland, the Walkway over the Hudson is a 1.28-mile long gate spanning the entirety of the Hudson River. With long hours open and attendance always being free, what are you waiting for? The beautiful sights of the Hudson are calling for either a nice walk, a scenic bike ride, or watching a beautiful sunset over the historic river. If you’re nearby, the Walkway is perfect any time you need a nice scenic drive/trip to think–whether about how to change your business strategies, what your business needs to expand, or even thinking about nothing at all!

2.) Hot Air Balloons/Balloon Rides

hot air balloons in Middletown

Take a ride in the sky | Source: Duchess Chamber

Feeling a bit adventurous? Then go check out the hot air balloons in Middletown! Whether your fear of heights keeps you on the ground, or your fiery streak brings you in the basket, there’s nothing greater than seeing colorful balloons float in a clear sky. The package is pricy at just under $300 for the day, but it’s a potentially once-in-a-lifetime event that lets you look at the entirety of the surrounding Orange County area from a completely new vantage point. From the heights of the hot air balloons, you may see your own business and career in a new way, too! (You also get complimentary champagne and a keepsake photo!)

3.) Mohonk Mountain House

This option requires the purchase of a day pass at the Mohonk Mountain House, but honestly? I doubt you’ll regret it. First off, the House is right on Route 32, with a stunning view of the Ridge. At the Mountain House, options you can take up include horseback riding and horse-drawn carriage rides from May to October, if you need to take a relaxing break and think about your future business plans. There are also various nature awareness classes going on. Hikes are also available from the Mountain House, such as a hike up to the Sky Top Tower observatory at the top of the Ridge!

Historic Hudson River Bear Mountain

A lovely place to sit and relax | Source: Historic Hudson River Towns

4.) Bear Mountain State Park

Once spring finally hits the Valley, the Bear Mountain State Park is full of a lot of things to do! Pricing is $10/vehicle (or if you really love the area, you can buy an Empire Pass for $80/season), which includes all amenities. Those include a Museum and Zoo, a pool, merry-go-round, boat rentals, to ride along the lake, an ice rink, nature trails, fishing opportunities, and more! When you need a complete break or staycation (and we all know that time comes), this local state park is a perfect option.

5.) Boscobel House and Gardens

If history is your thing, travel back in time to the beautiful Boscobel House. Located in Garrison, the house gives guided tours of the house, which perfectly restores the Federal period interior decoration and Neoclassical architecture. Along with the tours, there’s also the beautiful gardens! The gardens overlook the Constitution Marsh toward West Point and are free to walk through and peruse Wednesdays through Fridays during the warm weather.  Within the garden area, there’s a hiking trail, an area of fruit trees to see, and a selection of 19th-century inspired sculptors made by Grey Wyatt! If you’re someone who loves beautiful scenes and wants more color than the mountains and hills of the Hudson Valley, this is definitely a good place to “staycate” to.

6.) Catskill Mountain Railroad

Riding up into the mountains! | Source: Catskill Mountain Railroad

Located just a hop, skip and a jump away in Kingston, the Catskill Mountain Railroad offers a scenic train ride to and from Hurley Mountain, and have unreserved seating (this means you can sit anywhere!). If you plan a trip during the fall, you can see the Esopus Valley full of the beautiful vibrant colors of autumn here! (You know the ones: the blends of reds, oranges yellows that make this area so beautiful to live in.) There’s also free parking available, which is always a wonderful plus.

7.) Mohonk Preserve

Source: Mohonk Mountain House

The Iconic Mountains | Source: Mohonk Mountain House

This Preserve is home to protecting the Mohonk Mountains (home of the iconic Ridge that we all instantly recognize). Many exciting activities are available to any visitors, including hiking, biking, and rock climbing! (the website states it’s one of the most popular climbing sites in North America–right in our humble Valley!) Wanna visit during the wintertime? Luckily the Preserve is still open and ski and snowboarding opportunities exist!

8.) Shawangunk Wine Trail

Check out the amazing room in the Tasting Room Treehouse! | Source:, by user Renato S.

Need a real break from work, and enjoy the finer things in life? The trail includes 15 different wineries, and the tour is entirely on your own so there’s no real scheduling required! (Other than any reservations to the restaurants/wineries, of course.) The official Wine Trail website has a map for all the wineries, as well as available transportation you can take to travel the trail. Fun fact, the first stop listed alphabetically is the Angry Orchard! If you’re someone who wants to travel and enjoy spots in nature, but not necessarily go rustic, this is a perfect choice for a nature retreat. What better than drink some great local craft wine and beer when taking a step back on how your business is growing?

9.) Shawangunk Scenic Byway

Last, but certainly not least, is one for those who want to see the beauty of the Hudson Valley but maybe not hoof it on foot. The Scenic Byway is a gorgeous drive anyone can take to see the beauty of the Valley around us. The byway takes place along Route 299 against the Shawangunk Mountain Range, which is a road most people have probably driving along at some point while driving here. If you’re someone who loves to take a nice drive to clear your mind, taking a day to just drive along the mountains is definitely a must. We all know how beautiful our natural spot in the beautiful Hudson Valley is. Who knows, maybe the drive will bring you an Aha! moment for running your business!

Sometimes a fun game night is good enough to get your mind out of business mode, but not always. Good thing is, there are plenty more than just these nine spots!

The Hudson Valley is full of gorgeous views and places to stop and rest, or actively do something fun and adventurous. Day trips and events are always a great way to break the blues and monotony of constant pileups of work! Who wouldn’t want to try all the wineries in the area, or take a beautiful (free) train ride into and out of the mountains? And for the really adventurous, going up in a hot air balloon will completely wipe your mind from all the emails left in your inbox. Go out soon and enjoy the beautiful valley, and break up your solopreneuring life!

And of course there’s always a desk on our porch or chairs and spots to work on our beautiful back lawn to get you outdoors!

Spend a day at our Business Hub!

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