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On Being EPIC: What it Means

Updated: May 24

by Heather Stadler | Jan 28, 2019 | EPIC Entrepreneurs, Inspirational

What’s in a NAME?  That which we call EPIC by any other name would still be as awesome… or would it?  😉

A big part of what draws people to our co-working center in New Paltz is our name, One EPIC Place. Our big sign out on our lawn proclaims that this place is remarkable. And while we certainly think it is, we try hard every single day to ensure that we stand by that idea. Folks who pass by our building and those who pass through our doors often wonder about us, and how we came to be EPIC. But first, we need to talk about what being EPIC truly means.

We know how ambitious we are to call our business epic, and we embrace our meaning of EPIC every single day.

Epic (adj) means “heroic or grand in scale or character.” Of course, colloquially, it refers to something particularly impressive. While we embody EPICness, to us, EPIC’s true meaning is what it stands for…

Not many people realize that EPIC is actually an acronym! Taken apart, it spells out our truest desire as a co-working center and an intentional business community.

Empowering People Inspiring Change

When we stick to these values, it is epic in the colloquial sense! Got it? Good. 😉

Our most epic EPIC moments are the times we band together in the name of building a strong community—when we get a breakthrough in our business coaching sessions, when people learn NEW TOOLS in our Brainery classes that will help them grow, when we take a BREAK FROM THE MADNESS for happy hour, member lunches, or game night—those are the times we feel as though we’ve truly earned both our name and our acronym.

We strive to EMPOWER and INSPIRE in everything we do—but also to have fun! Every single day during the week, we are grateful to be in an EPIC state of mind!

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