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“One EPIC Place’s Shared Office Space - A Wonderful Path to Productivity...”

Working remotely has become increasingly popular, especially during the pandemic. Although working from home has many benefits, for some people it can be lonely and isolating. Shared office space for remote work can help with both issues by providing a physical space where people can gather and collaborate. This can also provide a sense of community and help remote workers feel more connected to their team. Shared office space can offer a variety of resources that remote workers may not have access to. One EPIC Place, EPIC stands for Empowering People Inspiring Change, has services in place to help everyone, from the office worker to the aspiring entrepreneur.

Some Reasons to Book a Shared Office Space at One EPIC Place

More Productivity - According to many reports, over 60 percent of coworkers can complete their work on time when they are in a shared office space environment. Their productivity increased more than if they were working from home. It is believed that this increase is due to the social interaction and brainstorming that is possible when people are working in proximity to one another.

Better Concentration - Shared office space allows you to focus on your work with no interruptions. In addition, a distraction-free environment also allows employees to be more proficient when they are working for long hours. When people are involved in their projects, they start to feel the advantages of producing more in a remote office space. The work that they are doing fulfills them and this encourages them to continue working.

More Flexibility - Remote work is often associated with the gig economy or freelancers, where employees have flexible hours and can choose their own schedules. A shared office space enables those in the gig economy to take advantage of this flexibility, although there are also remote workers who are employed full time by a company. These spaces offer workers the opportunity to have a more flexible schedule and to work from anywhere.

Less Stress - Working from home can have its benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. One drawback is that there can be a lot of distractions in your home environment. This can lead to less productivity and more stress. A shared office space can help to reduce this stress by providing an area where you can focus on your work. Also, in a shared office space, you can take frequent breaks throughout the day and socialize with like-minded people. This will help prevent burnout and fatigue, as well as keep you from becoming frustrated with your work tasks.

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Overall, a shared office space for remote work can provide several benefits for both the employer, the employee, and freelancers. For employers, renting office space can help to improve communication and collaboration between employees, as well as increase productivity. With employees, shared office space can help to improve focus and motivation, as well as increase job satisfaction. And for independent contractors, a shared space can combat the sense of isolation.

For more detailed information on what we offer at One EPIC place, visit or call (845) 232-0402.

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