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The Entrepreneur’s Nightmare!

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Do you ever worry you might have to give up your DREAM and get a J.O.B.????                             This is every entrepreneur’s worst NIGHTMARE.  Well, it does not have to be YOU.

Do you have the right structure in your business? Most solo-entrepreneurs don’t have a clear and sustainable plan for their business.  They often don’t set clear goals that are attainable or have definitive ACTION STEPS.

The good news is……there are things you can do to be successful! Steps, plans, and resources can make the difference between making it and not.

Flying by the seat of your pants is not the same as learn as you go.As business owners many times we are building the plane as we are flying it. And that’s ok. But you need to LISTEN, LEARN and ADJUST.

Losing your business because you have no DIRECTION or STRUCTURE can happen to the best of the best in their trade.

Just because you are a master chef or can make beautiful art doesn’t mean you can turn that into a lucrative business by mastering a soufflé or painting the Mona Lisa.  You also need to know how to market that product, sell it, track it, and RUN your business.

Having ideas, skill of a trade and drive does not a plan make.  Those things are important but without CLARITY and STRUCTURE more often than not, you will quickly become OVERWHELMED and STRESSED.

Method to the Madness

3 Things you need for success:

  1. Have a VISION.  What is the vision for your company? (In 1 year, In 5 years) What do you envision? In detail! Paint a picture. Who is your ideal client? How do you plan on getting there? What are your financial goals and steps?

  2. Have STRUCTURE for you business. What is your internal structure; LLC, S Corp, C Corp, etc…. What is your cost structure? What is your predicted revenue? Are you setting bench marks?

  1. Make sure you are POSITIONING YOUR BIZ and PRIORITIZING YOUR STEPS. Are you considering what has to happen first and how? Are you using a block schedule? How are you going to implement and when? Did you map out the course of action in doable action steps?

Being your own boss can seem like an impossible dream, and the grim reality is that according to Forbes, 8 out of 10 of all businesses fail within the first 18 months. But this doesn’t have to be YOU!  The reason a lot of those businesses fail is because they don’t get help. If this sound overwhelming…………get help!  There are plenty of people out there to give you support, guidance, coaching and help.  Just ASK.


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