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The Pulse of EPIC – Meet Rachel Reuben

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

by Nicole Langlois | Aug 12, 2018 | EPIC Entrepreneurs, EPIC members

Rachel is also a marketing tech therapist helping small businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs take the overwhelm out of marketing. She designs websites and marketing strategies to help businesses grow.

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Rachel spent the first 20 years of her career working in higher education and beginning at SUNY New Paltz where she was the Director of Web Communication and Strategic Projects. She then served as Associate Vice President of Marketing Communications at Ithaca College, and then Vice President of Communications at Colgate University. Prior to all of this, she was a budding entrepreneur during her undergraduate college years in the late 1990s when she learned HTML and started creating websites for a car dealership and departments within SUNY New Paltz.

What she loves about her business: “In nearly three years, I really haven’t had any two clients with the same needs or challenges. I love the wide variety of projects I get to work on with them to help make their businesses/colleges grow and be more efficient with their marketing. I especially love seeing the tangible differences strong marketing and digital technology can make for local nonprofits and small businesses.”

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Her ideal client?  Colleges/universities who need short-term interim marketing support, ongoing strategic marketing counsel or assistance with marketing-related technology to help their marketing operation run more efficiently.  AND small businesses who want to grow!

Fun things to know about Rachel:  “I have a garden at the New Paltz Gardens for Nutrition this year, which has been a great way for me to unplug and grow delicious, organic produce.  I like making jewelry, especially with my nieces.  I’ve played the flute since I was 9 years old.”

Why EPIC? Working from home made me feel very isolated. I really enjoy the social, yet productive atmosphere of the Business Hub at EPIC. I get more work done, am less distracted than I am at home, and I’m also not distracted by my refrigerator, pantry or TV! The collaborations I’ve had with other EPIC members have been invaluable to me and my business.

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